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Application ♥

x. Name: Nikki
x. Sex: Cunt
x. Age: 15
x. Location: Haverhill, MA
x. Marital Status: I'm in one of those "kinda-sorta" things.
x. Government of Choice: I think both parties are incredibly fucked up. And the government itself is filled with lies, but I'd have to say I usually sway more towards democratic.
x. Favorite Bands: Skeptix, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, GBH, The Exploding Hearts, Agnostic Front, Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, jonee earthquake band, leftover crack, the vibrators, The Adicts, Subhumans, and so many more.
x. Favorite Movies: Boondock Saints, The Professional, Edward Scissorhands, girl interrupted, thirteen.

--About you--
x. How would you describe yourself?: Outgoing, Hyper, Funny, and I can be a bit on the obnoxious side.
x. What makes you different from everyone else?: I think that one thing that can make you completely different from someone, can make you the exact same as another person. I think is some way, shape, or form everybody has something the same.
x. What are your best and worste traits?: Best: Straight Forward Worst: I Dont Like A Lot of People, at all.
x. Why should we accept you?: Because I think I have a lot of things in common with you guys.

--Your views on--
x. Anarchy: As others have said below. People dont realize it but their lives have become adjusted and dependent on the government to do things for them. So I dont see how it could be possible.
x. Religion: I think it shelters a lot of people from reality, and what the world and life is really about. It just restricts some to go out and find out things for themselves.
x. Equality: I agree with equality.
x. Government: Theres so many fucked things about it. I think its filled with too many lies, and that their too sneaky with hiding things from us. Theres many things that need to be changed, and theres so many stupid laws that shouldnt even exist. And believe it or not, the people are becoming screwed over with their own natural rights.
x. Homosexuals: I say if you love, then you love, male or female.
x. Racial Superiority: im not in agreement. Equal rights is what its about.
x. Sexism: A Stupid fucking stereotype that girls have to deal with day to day. I'm sorry but I would pay to see any guy have to deal getting their fucking period month after month, and dealing with exscrutiating pain in their fucking ovaries, feel like you want to cry the first time you have sex, and carry a kid around with 9 months and even better, pop in out between your legs. Its impossible, so therefor, they use sexism to hide up their weakness towards us.
x. Abortion: I'm in total agreement for it. If a young girl has sex, or god forbid raped, and winds up pregnant what does she do. What if shes 13 or 14...her own body wouldnt be able to handle giving birth yet. I'm usually only for abortion when it comes to young girls, and when you're older then I think adoption should be your choice, because as you get older, you take on responsibilities, and what comes with those responsibilities is the common sense to be careful when you have sex. Either way its just my opinion, I think woman and young girls should be able to make their own decisions.

I'm on the left in the pink striped shirt

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