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--First off--
x. Name: Ashlee
x. Sex: Lady
x. Age: 19
x. Location: Freeland Mi, this time next year Chicago.
x. Marital Status: Im sort of in a relationship.
x. Government of Choice: Though I'm not completly happy with a democracy, i have not as of yet determined the best governmental body for my way of life (some enlightenment maybe?)
x. Favorite Bands: hmmm lately, ive been listening to alot of jazz.which i suppose doesnt answer the question so here goes(i have a feeling this question has a good deal of weight on whether im accepted or not):MILES DAVIS-B.B KING-GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR-EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY-MUM-MOGWAI-MURDER CITY DEVILS-THE RAMONES-THEREZILLOS-SOCIAL D-THE CLASH-THE DECENDANTS-THE RICHMOND SLUTS....MAN I DONT EVEN KNOW.
x. Favorite Movies: les douze diables

--About you--
x. How would you describe yourself?:lazy-way cooler than you.
x. What makes you different from everyone else?:i can't attest to that.
x. What are your best and worste traits?:im such an asshole.
x. Why should we accept you?:because you want to....(please?)

--Your views on--
x. Anarchy:thought i agree with several anarchist philosophies, i (in my opinion) think that society as a whole has grown so accustomed to having theyre own mail delivered and theyre roads fixed and made and shopping malls to live in, that the idea would never be able to function unless under a 'trial by fire' atmosphere in which the subjects would have to simply cope with the new lifestyle.
x. Religion:i have no views, sorry
x. Equality: equality is the only way to peace and prosperity to all.
x. Government: people forget that the government was formed to serve, and that the US citizen has more rights than they choose to engage.
x. Homosexuals: what people do is theyre own damned business...(within moral circumstances)
x. Racial Superiority: non e-fucking-sistant people need to realize equal rights mean equal fights.
x. Sexism: assenine(did i spell that right?)
x. Abortion: again what people do is theyre own damned business-then again-there is adption, and many parents that are unable to receive children through sheer lack of the 'U.S. born'.
x. Post two or more pictures of yourself: man, i cant livejournal cut for the life of meeeeee.however.... i can link you to myspace and hopefully it'll work. myspace:
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