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new 2

Name: Bennie
Sex: F
Age: 23
Location: DC

Marital Status: single
Government of Choice: commune-self-governing communities
Favorite Bands: modest mouse, le tigre, erykah badu, bratmobile, yeah yeah yeahs, john prine
Favorite Movies: not much into movies-but horror is cool

--About you--
How would you describe yourself?: very bored
What makes you different from everyone else?: i'm black and you aren't.
What are your best and worste traits?: non-communicative sometimes but very giving
Why should we accept you?: i don't really give a damn

--Your views on--
Anarchy: not cormfortable with it--i think if i had children they would need some sort of rules...but how about that anarchy seems a better option than the shit that's "available right now"
Religion: i think it can help some people...i think it's horrible too. i'm not religious
Equality: is not something that's readily available
Government: is bad
Homosexuals: i'm a big homo
Racial Superiority: well i like korean girls a lot-one in particular-so right now she's pretty much superior in everyway to all other girls
Sexism: i like women and women are just better
Abortion: i'd get an abortion...i think it's just punishment to keep kids around you're going to influence badly or you can't take care of etc..
Post two or more pictures of yourself:
you can go check them for yourself...lazy bastards. you'll find that i am very black and very female and somewhat attractive
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