She Doesn't Get Enough Cocaine. (trimyourbush) wrote in cuntsofsociety,
She Doesn't Get Enough Cocaine.


--First off--
x. Name:Lauren

x. Sex:Female

x. Age:15

x. Location:Austin,TX

x. Marital Status:Fucking single.

x. Government of Choice:

x. Favorite Bands:The New York Dolls,The Adicts,The Cramps,Crass,Cocksparrer,The Buzzcocks,The Lower Class
Brats,The Krumbums,X-Ray Spex,Sham 69,The Toy Dolls,The Germs,Dead Boys, & DJ TOMCRAFT.

x. Favorite Movies:Party Monster & I'm going to be like everybody else & say Clockwork Orange.

--About you--
x. How would you describe yourself?:Three words: A heartless asshole.

x. What makes you different from everyone else?:I wouldn't say I'm different from everybody,I just have
a fucking fabulous taste in music,I know how to get what I want, & I don't take shit from anybody.

x. What are your best and worste traits?:I'm a sarcastic,hearless asshole which is probably one of my
better qualities. My worst trait is,is that I am very quick to judge someone.

x. Why should we accept you?:Just another cunt to add to the pack.

--Your views on--
x. Anarchy:This is a touchy subject because as much as people want & believe in anarchy, when anarchy
comes everyone is just a little scared.

x. Religion: I have one question for anyone out there who is very religious: Why would you choose to
believe in something that has no proof of exsistance than believe in 500 years of scientic evidence
surrounding evolution?

x. Equality:I agree with it.

x. Government:Has been around since the 1700's, and just because we bitch & complain about it doesn't
mean its just going to disappear.I personally don't give a shit, if I want to do it, I'll do it, legal
or not.

x. Homosexuals:I think homosexuals,queers,faggots,homos,pansies,fairies,dykes,lesbains,lesbos,queens, or
whatever you like to refer to this group of people as, should be allowed to marry if they wish, but I do
not believe marriage should resemble your love for someone.You should want to be with them, not because
you feel obligated to because you have a piece of paper signed by a couple fucking priests.

x. Racial Superiority:I have no opinions on this subject for I have barely any knowledge.

x. Sexism:Lets just refer back to some random song lyrics..."Girls can do anything boys can do."

x. Abortion:I don't understand how some of you go around & bitch about abortion, because you don't seem
to have a problem with factory farming & the torture aniamls have to go through so you can have a piece
of meat of your plate every night.I have no problems with abortion & I believe no one,I don't give a fuck
who you are,should be allowed to make this decision for a woman.Abortion to me is another way to make
sure children don't become neglected or abused because their mother can't take care of them or really don't
want them.

x. Post two or more pictures of yourself:

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