Violent Revolution....

All the people with nothing in their eyes.

Fuck you 'cause we're here to stay
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We are the punks of today, we are the punks of tomorrow
We will fight for what is right, we will fight to live our lives
We fight regardless of what you say
Look around at what we've created, take a good look at the scene

Some of us believe in revolution
Some of us are straight edge
Some of us like to get piss drunk
Some of us just want to go to bed
We've got one common goal, you can't keep us down
Fuck your respect, fuck your money
Fuck you 'cause we're here to stay

--Your Mods--

Ragollblender and Toisoldier

Yadda yadda, fill out the application, get accepted, all that bullshit. Then post about whatever the fuck you want, keep the fucking community alive, don't be an asshole.

For Starters, You must fill out this application:

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--About you--
x. How would you describe yourself?:
x. What makes you different from everyone else?:
x. What are your best and worste traits?:
x. Why should we accept you?:

--Your views on--
x. Anarchy:
x. Religion:
x. Equality:
x. Government:
x. Homosexuals:
x. Racial Superiority:
x. Sexism:
x. Abortion:
x. Post two or more pictures of yourself:

You must throughly fill out this application and pictures are a must.

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